Hey Ray

DOB: 2004

     Hey Ray, or Ray, was born on a farm in Pennsylvania and arrived at Worthmore in 2007 when he was only 3 years old. Everywhere he goes, he is known for being one of the loudest horses in the barn! Since arriving at Worthmore, he has become a lesson horse for children and adults of all ages. His smooth gaits make him a perfect horse to learn to trot and canter on. He is also used for multiple types of therapy, especially with veterans.

     Ray is one of the younger horses in the program, but he would benefit from some extra supplements and care as well. He is prone to ulcers, so probiotics or a ulcer guard supplement to his regular feeding is essential. Ray would also benefit from front shoes because he has very sensitive feet and has trouble walking on certain surfaces. Green is Ray’s favorite color!

Ray is looking for a sponsor and a stable sidekick! Please click either button to learn more about each program!