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The "Stable Sidekick" Program

At Worthmore, there are many horses in program that do not get the special love and attention they deserve and need to thrive in their job as a lesson horse or a therapy horse. Whether or not they are used as frequently in program, every horse could use an extra friend around to give them special attention. 


In this new volunteer program, be paired with one of our many program horses and come out to care for your sidekick! While this program does not involve riding, volunteers will be able to come out to Worthmore to spend time with their stable sidekick. These ground activities include:

  • Grooming

  • Bathing

  • Braiding

  • Hand walking

  • Hand grazing

Volunteers will be guided by one of our crew members or experienced volunteers that is also paired up with your sidekick. Volunteers can also be featured on the horse's stall in the form of their very own name tag in the favorite color of their horse sidekick!

To see horses looking for sidekicks, please visit our horses' bios by clicking here!

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