DOB: 1998
BP was born and raised in North Carolina and was purchased by another therapeutic riding program in Maryland. In 2005, Worthmore purchased BP and she was trained to be used in the Worthmore lesson program and became one of the most dependable lesson ponies on the farm. In 2012, BP had a foal named Sriracha who has many similar qualities to her mother! Currently, BP is used in multiple programs at Worthmore. BP loves to be brushed and bathed and she loves the color pink!
DOB: March 14th 1995
Champ was donated to the program in 2006 and he is one of the most well known lesson horses at Worthmore! Champ, or “Champagne Voyage,” raced and came to Worthmore shortly after retiring from the track. After two years of training, he started teaching children and adults of all ages how to ride. He is used in multiple programs, including therapy sessions and weekly riding lessons. His favorite colors are navy and red and he loves apples!
DOB: April 1st 1999
Fancy is owned by Douglas Hewes, who has so kindly let us use his pony in our program. Before arriving at Worthmore, Fancy was a successful show pony and then had many babies, and she has now retired to her new life as a lesson pony. Her gentle and maternal nature with children makes her a perfect and safe little lesson pony. She is used for multiple types of riding lessons and children camps during the summer, and the kids love her! Fancy loves the color red!
Hey Ray
DOB: 2004
Hey Ray, or Ray, was born on a farm in Pennsylvania and arrived at Worthmore in 2007 when he was only 3 years old. Everywhere he goes, he is known for being one of the loudest horses in the barn! Since arriving at Worthmore, he has become a lesson horse for children and adults of all ages. His smooth gaits make him a perfect horse to learn to trot and canter on. Ray's favorite color is green!
Little Man
DOB: 2001
Little Man was purchased in 2005 by Worthmore and he has been an essential member of the team ever since. He has been working in therapeutic riding programs since he came to the farm. His small stature makes him the perfect pony for young children and small adults. Little Man is really a jack-of-all-trades. He works in multiple programs at Worthmore, including the weekly lesson program, KART, and Bridges. He is also a great trail pony and loves the color red!
DOB: May 15th, 2000
Nora is owned by Donald Hewes, who graciously allows us to use her in multiple programs. Before coming to Worthmore, she was Donald’s most trusted carriage driving companion. At this time, Nora is being used by KART and we are working toward being able to use her in different therapy and riding lesson programs. Everyone knows Nora because of her unique appearance and sweet disposition and her favorite color is blue!
DOB: December 11th 1995
Ty was donated to the program in 2011 and became one of the most trusted and dependable lesson horses on the farm. Ty, or “Spruced Up,” had a full and successful career as a 3-Day Eventer before coming to Worthmore. Now he is used in many different programs, which include therapy and weekly lessons. Ty’s height makes him a little intimidating, but he is the most gentle horse you’ll ever meet! He loves soft peppermints and his favorite color is green!
DOB: May 18th 1998
Wanja was donated to the program in 2016 and is one of the advanced lesson horses. She was born and trained in Germany before arriving to the states. She is trained to third level in Dressage, so she assists in teaching many students who have been riding for several years that are interested in Dressage. She was the first horse donated to be used in the veterans program at Bridges, and she is being used in the therapy program Wanja's favorite color is teal!
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