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What is a Sponsorship?

     A sponsorship program allows for people to contribute financially to a specific program or sector. In our programs we have designed it so sponsors have the option of sponsoring a horse or a student! Sponsors have the option of selecting a pre-set amount of money or can create a custom amount. Sponsors can make a one-time contribution or monthly installments.

Sponsor a Horse

     Worthmore has many horses that are looking for sponsors. As a horse sponsor you will be helping to cover the costs of their maintenance. These costs may include feed, hay, veterinary services, farrier services, dietary supplements/medications, and tack/supplies. Sponsors also have the option of providing specific items that the individual horse needs most. Most of our horses have been donated to us. They may require some extra TLC and individualized care. This is where your sponsorship can help.

     Sponsoring a horse will keep them healthy so they can continue to provide therapy, lessons, and happiness to our community. 


Please click here to see which horses are looking for sponsors!

Sponsor a Student

     Worthmore supports a variety of programs and organizations. We help people of all ages and offer lessons customized towards a person’s specific needs. Our goal is to provide this learning experience to everyone no matter their financial situation. As a sponsor, you are able to help us achieve that goal and also help people experience what horses have to offer on their lives and the impact they can make.  We offer the option to sponsor a specific student or a general sponsorship. 


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