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DOB: 1998

     BP was born and raised in North Carolina and was purchased by a therapeutic riding program in Maryland. In 2005, Worthmore purchased BP. After some training, she was used in the Worthmore lesson program and became one of the most dependable lesson ponies on the farm. In 2012, BP had a foal named Sriracha who has many similar qualities to her mother! We are currently working with her so that someday she can also be used in the therapy and lesson programs. Currently, BP is used in multiple lesson and therapy programs.

     BP has worked very hard at her job as a lesson pony and does not move as well as she once did. She requires joint supplements so that she can continue to teach children and adults about riding horses and benefit their needs. BP is not a very girly horse, but she does love the color pink! She also loves to be brushed, bathed, and even braided!

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