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DOB: March 14th 1995

     Champ was donated to the program in 2006 and he is one of the most well known lesson horses at Worthmore! Champ, or “Champagne Voyage” was a racehorse and came to Worthmore shortly after retiring from the track. After his successful racing career and two years of training, he started teaching children and adults of all ages how to ride. He is used in multiple programs, including therapy sessions and weekly riding lessons.

     Champ is one of our senior horses and does not move as well as he used to. To continue to help teach children and adults how to ride, he requires special horseshoes to keep him balanced and joint supplements, such as Conquer, to make sure everything is running smoothly. Champ is most often used in weekly riding lessons and carries many new and unbalanced riders on his back. Because of this, Champ desperately needs chiropractic work to relieve any back pressure and pain so that he can carry his riders safely around the ring. Apples are Champ’s favorite treat and he likes when his humans hold the apple for him while he munches on it. He also loves is face scratched and his favorite colors are red and navy blue!

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