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"Discovery Sessions"

        Worthmore Equestrian Center is now offering what we like to refer to as a "discovery session." Discovery sessions fall in between a tour of the facility and a groundwork or horseback riding lesson. They offer people who are uneasy working with such large animals the opportunity to get up close and personal with the horses. Discovery sessions are designed to give people a raw and natural experience with a horse, which will allow them to feel more comfortable and want to come back again! 

       Discovery sessions include a tour of the facility, along with meeting horses, petting them, feeding them treats, taking pictures with them or of them, and possibly learning how to lead them or brush them. There is no riding in a discovery session. It is an opportunity to start to get the feel of what it is really like interacting with horses. 

       Discovery sessions- 30 minutes ($10) 

      Worthmore also travels! We offer traveling "Discovery Sessions" where we bring the horses and ponies to you! We would love to visit workplaces, parties, picnics, community events, churches, or wherever you will have us and provide people with a raw experience with horses! While these would not be pony rides, they would give people the chance to have a real interaction with horses.

Traveling Discovery sessions- Price varies based on time and location

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