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Little Man

DOB: 2001

            Little Man was purchased in 2005 by Worthmore and he has been an essential member of the team ever since. He has been working in therapeutic riding programs and lesson programs since he came to the farm. His small stature and gentle nature make him the perfect pony for young children and small adults. Little Man is really a jack-of-all-trades and does everything and anything on the farm. He works in multiple therapy programs, weekly lessons, and multiple summer camps. He is also a great trail pony!

            Little Man carries a lot of children and small adults around the ring and because of his height, he is much less intimidating. As a result, he is used often in therapeutic riding sessions and would benefit from a vaulting surcingle because they provide a better connection for the rider to the horse. At this time, Little Man does not get any grain in his diet, but he would benefit from adding it to his diet, along with senior supplements. His favorite color is red!

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