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     Mo was donated in 2013 by Ned and Jean Leverage. After a couple years of training and development into a lesson and therapy horse, Mo has become another very dependable addition to the program. His perfect size and beautiful color make him a very handsome horse! He is an essential part of multiple programs at Worthmore, including therapy sessions and lesson programs. Mo’s favorite thing to do is take children and adults out on trail rides.

     Because of Mo’s love for being outside the riding ring, he requires fly protection in the form of sprays, a bonnet, and a fly mask. Most of the time when Mo takes people out on trail rides, he uses a bareback pad, so a new one that fits him perfectly and provides the right support for his rider is needed at this time. He also works best in and needs a new sidepull bitless bridle. Because he is often carrying around new riders that are unbalanced, he would also benefit from chiropractic work so that he can be more comfortable in his job. He also loves to chew on everything and loves every treat you give him! His favorite colors are black and maroon.

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