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DOB: 2002

      Mylo’s journey to Worthmore has been quite the adventure. Born and raised in Florida, he was owned by one person for most of his life. He is trained through 3rd level Dressage and has also jumped. When his owner could no longer care for him, he went up for sale. After a crazy turn of events, Mylo ended up being abandoned at a farm near Worthmore with a yearling colt named Riz. They was rescued and brought Worthmore. After some much needed TLC, we realized that Mylo would be quite useful for the lesson program and he ended up finding his new home at Worthmore!

      Since Mylo was left abandoned for about five months, he has needed a lot of TLC before being introduced into the lesson program. This has included consistent grooming, bathing, and hoof care. He would also benefit from any type of skin care and weight gain supplements. Since he's a new horse, he also requires tack, such as a bridle, that is fitted for him. His favorite color is navy blue!

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