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DOB: December 11th 1995

     Ty was donated to the program in 2011 and became one of the most trusted and dependable lesson horses on the farm. Ty or “Spruced Up” had a full and successful career as a 3-Day Eventer before coming to Worthmore. Now he is used in many different programs, which include weekly riding lessons and multiple types of therapy. Ty has had children from the age of two up to older adults on his back and he is the most sweet and gentle soul with everyone he meets. However, he has a soft spot for the little kids and loves helping to teach them how to ride.

     Ty is one of our senior horses and requires a special diet and supplements to his daily feed. He would benefit from a weight gain supplement, such as CocoSoya, to keep his weight up. He also requires multiple layers of blankets of different weights during the winter to keep warm since he loves to be outside even when it’s cold! He also loves being outside in the summer as well, but he suffers from a skin condition that makes him very sensitive and itchy almost all of the time. He would benefit from supplements that will help his skin, as well as medication that will control his itching such as hydroxyzine. He especially loves soft peppermint treats and his favorite color is green!

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